For two years, piano-rock cover band 88 Key Salute featured a unique playlist format, designed to celebrate artists and songs that define piano rock. Piano rock is rock or pop music that prominently features the piano (or other keyboard instrument). 88 Key Salute's playlist included six decades of classic mainstays, recent favorites and current hits from giants in the piano rock arena, from early musical pioneers (Fats Domino, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis) to artists who perfected the genre (The Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel). 88 Key Salute celebrated the piano and its re-emergence in current pop-rock music by also featuring the songs of Ben Folds, Coldplay, Keane and The Fray. Audiences were treated to updated modern arrangements of piano classics such as Chopsticks, Heart and Soul, Chopin's Prelude and more.


The band found performance success in part through its unique modular playlist format they dubbed "Piano Rock Solid." The band's playlist format was meticulously constructed to maximize audience experience. 88 Key Salute featured seamless continuity between songs, so audiences would experience logical progressions of themes and tempos.


88 Key Salute was the only band of its kind in the world. This bold musical venture was executed by seasoned professionals who shared common backgrounds of broad performing, touring and recording experience. 88 Key Salute was comprised of the following musicians: Johnnie Horvath (drums and vocals), Charlie Comanse (bass guitar and vocals), J.D. King (vocals, guitar and percussion), Mira Chapman (vocals, guitar, keyboards), and Gordie Laurencell (vocals and piano).


For more information, or to arrange for some piano rock at a performance at your festival, club or corporate event, please contact Gordie Laurencell at: 815.347.6421 or at gordie@88keysalute.com.


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